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Dota 2  WTF Moments features the best and craziest scenes of Dota 2. Whether Win or Fail, Rampage and Skilled Play or Thug Life and Strange Bugs, Dota WTF has it all. Check out the latest releases and subscribe to the Youtube Channel Dota Watafak. Here you can find the summary of every episode. Tags help you to find the videos with your favorite Heroes. Leave a comment to give your opinion about the Dota 2 WTF Moments. Do you agree with our summary?

Dota 2 WTF Moments 123

This Dota 2 WTF Moments Clip Features:

Legion Commander Blocked by own Creeps

Pugna Decrepify Self Cast Fucks Techies

Faceless Void and Queen of Pain Double Ulti Fail

Invoker Burnt to Death while Thinking about which Item to Drop to Pick up a Rapier

Windranger Teleport Shackle

Stormspirit Rampage

Dota 2 WTF Moments 121

This Dota 2 WTF Moments Clip Features:

Tiny Throws his Phantom Assassin Team Mate while she has Bloodseeker´s Rupture on her

Roshan Kill

Earth Spirit Rolling Forever

Two Team Wipes at the same Time

Keeper of the Light brings Axe in some Trouble

...Earth Spirit still Rolling...

Queen of Pain Teamkill with Dark Seer´s Ion Shield on her

Leshrac Epic 1 on 5 Rampage after Aegis Resurrection