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Dota 2 WTF Moments 154

This Dota 2 WTF Moments Clip Features:

Sand King with 6.86 Reworked Aghanim´s Scepter Casts Burrowstrike From Fountain to Middle River (0m12s)

Invisible Invoker Killed by Outworld Devourer´s 6.86 Reworked Astral Imprisonment (0m30s)

Arc Warden Double Push Domination (0m52s)

Faceless Void Prolongs Silencer´s 6.86 Reworked Arcane Curse by Casting Time Walk Over and Over Again Till he Dies (2m10s)

6.86 Tree Planting (2m40s)

Multicasted Spark Wraith of Arc Warden Kills Faceless Void when he Time Walks into it (3m37s)

Riki Rampage after Aegis Revival (4m13s)